Cluster fencing helping to rebuild flock

After their business was decimated by wild dogs, the Chandler family at Barcaldine in Queensland constructed exclusion fencing on their property, which has enabled them to bring back sheep into their business and have a positive view for the future.


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Construction begins on a feral predator-free fence for the endangered Northern Bettong

As wild populations dwindle, construction is underway on northern Australia’s first large, feral predator-free safe haven, which will play a critical role in staving off the extinction of the Northern Bettong.


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State of Environment Report Conservation success stories.

While the State of the Environment report said Australia's environment was in a poor condition and deteriorating, there are bright spots that indicate how the country could turn around its fortunes.


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Triple bottom line benefits from exclusion fencing for northern NSW community

Some of the finest wool grow gx-4 gy-5ing country in the nation will soon benefit from protection from wild dog predation once the Moona-Winterbourne exclusion fence is completed.


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Safe, practical & low maintenance STEEL horse fencing

Waratah provide premium steel equine fencing solutions across Australia.  Read how Australian Stock Horse breeder and trainer, Adam Wellington, chooses Waratah fencing to keep his horses safe and secure.


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Sheep flock growth to continue in western Queensland

PREDATOR-PROOF fencing has increased sheep numbers across central west Queensland shires by almost triple the state average in recent years and created a basis for further grow gx-4 gy-5th.


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NEW PRODUCT - Longlife Blue wire droppers

Fence droppers have been around for decades and are well suited to plain & barbed wire fences to keep multiple line wires evenly spaced and to ‘rebound’ after being hit by animals...


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Million dollar bushfire recovery works provide boost for farmers

With The ACT Government has brought forward major works to try to boost the economy as it floundered under the virus crisis. The aim is to spend to keep the economy up in the face of the plague...


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Good opportunity to invest in the farm?

With alot of farmers still in drought, or recovering from drought, just how much appetite is there going to be for a fresh spend-up on some new plant or farm equiptment....


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Fencing renewal underway in burnt regions

The Huge effort to roll out new fencing for fire-affected farmers is gearing up. Thousands of kilometres of fencing was destroyed by the huge blazes across the north-east and East Gippsland...


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Burnt timber posts pose a potential arsenic poisoning threat

A case of arsenic toxicity in the Central Tablelands region has been traced to burnt timber posts treated with copper chrome arsenate (CCA). Mudgee based Local Land Services District Veterinarian...


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Feral pig sightings cause concern with Victorian farmers

A south-west Victorian Land- care facilitator says the discovery of feral pigs in a regional nature reserve is cause for concern. Basalt to Bay Landcare network facilitator Lisette Mill...


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Woolgrowers want giant dog fence in the Northern Tablelands

Grazier Andrew Wood believes the issues of reinstating a major Northern Tablelands dog fence goes to the heart of sheep production in Australia, and whether governments are really in the business of protecting farmers.


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Stocking rate in review to get the best out of your farm

Having an accurate understanding of your optimum stocking rate and nutrition levels is the key driver of merino flock longevity and productivity. That's according to Peter and Elizabeth Clarke..


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Drought fencing rethink to protect precious pastures, and crops

Fencing projects are never cheap, but the need for better fences has taken on a new urgency on many livestock properties in drought- stressed areas of NSW and Queensland.


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Applications open for funding to combat feral animals and weeds

Applications for 10 million dollars in pest and weed funding opened today with 183 councils eligible to apply for project funding in the latest round. The funding will assist drought affected farmers...



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Common mistakes limiting value of exclusion fences

A Veteran Fencing Contractor says the return of netting fencing is revitalising production options in inland areas, but warns that in some cases poor construction and inadequate maintenance standards... (19/12/2019)

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Come clean on your biosecurity needs - act now

While the movement of livestock is the most likely pathway for spreading animal diseases, pests, and weed throughout Australia, people, vehicles and equipment...


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Bilbies released into massive NSW natural time capsule

Bilbies are roaming the south-west of NSW for the first time in more than a century after 30 of the marsupials were released into a section of Mallee Cliffs National Park...



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Kangaroo Island cat-proof fence goes to the Council for approval

The application for the feral cat fence, that will aid the ambitious Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program - the largest of its kind in the world, has been submitted to the KI Council.  



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Fencing on show with Waratah to help out

Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE’s Agriculture Department held a fencing demonstration day at. This fencing demonstration day was attended by Waratahs own Mark Thompson.



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NSW farmers' call for exclusion fencing funding

They are competing with livestock for pasture, they are decimating crops and are causing havoc on highways - and farmers are fed up. With kangaroos numbers "out of control" in many parts of NSW including...


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Native wallaby brought back from brink of extinction

There is hope at the largest fully fenced wildlife sanctuary in the world at Newhaven Station, 300 kilometres outside of Alice Springs. An ambitious conservation project is Bringing native animals back...



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Huge feral-free safe haven ready for return of desert mammals

UNSW scientists have created a 40-square-kilometre sanctuary for native Australian animals in the Sturt National Park that is completely free of feral animals such as rabbits, foxes and cats.



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New predator-proof fences bring hope to Queensland

A million more merinos will be grazing in Queensland's Central West by 2025, bringing much needed jobs back to the region. That's the prediction of Morgan Gronold...



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Farmers band together to build 'wall' against ferals and roos

Fence us in! That was the response from 22 landholders in the western division, some of whom have contributed over $100,000 each to the biggest cluster exclusion fence in NSW.



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Planned grazing and wallaby-proof fencing shows promise

Results from a grazing and wallaby exclusion trial on a farm in Geeveston are showing very promising results for improving farm productivity. Local farmer Simon Burgess...



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The future Is fenced for Australian animals

Many of Australia’s mammals spend their entire lives imprisoned, glimpsing the outside world through tall chain-link fences and high-voltage wires.



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Feral animal eradication - removing goats

Major destocking efforts began on the island in 2007 when the pastoral leaseholders removed about 4,000 sheep by barge. Along with destruction of about 2,000 goats...



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Newhaven wildlife sanctuary stage 1 declared feral-free

WC’s ambitious project to restore central Australia’s lost biodiversity at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary has reached a new milestone – the eradication of all feral predators from the 9,400-hectare fenced area...



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Get a fence that makes sense! Choose Waratah Fencing

Get a fence that makes sense! Choose the Waratah Fencing System  - Waratah’s posts, wire and accessories work together effectively to create a fence that lasts longer, performs better and costs less in the long run...



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