Steel vs. Timber - you be the judge!

The Waratah "all-steel" fence line is simple and quick to erect. With no digging, no extra labour required and no heavy machinery, you'll be able to erect your fence line faster than ever with no worries!
Components of the "all-steel" fence line:

Steel strainer assemblies
Strainer assemblies are critical in any fence line. They carry the strain of the fence wire, impact from animals and bear the weight of accessories such as gates. Waratah's strainer assembly products include our two strainer post options, the Ezypipe and the Ezyslot strainer posts, which are paired with the multi-purpose stay - the Adjusta-stay.

Jio® steel fence posts
The trusted "Waratah" branded steel fence post that New Zealand farmers used throughout their fence lines is back - bigger and better than ever, with not 1, but 2 different profiles designed to tackle even more fencing challenges!

Waratah's all steel fence line is put to the test against a traditional timber fence to demonstrate the time, effort and labour savings! You be the judge!