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Waratah's quality range of Jio® Star® posts, Jio MaxY® posts and Jio Longlife® fence post clips! Read more about the Jio range here!

The Longlife Blue colour® netting range is now available in New Zealand! It's produced in a reverse twist pattern to better absorb impact and designed for a wide variety of applications. Find out more about the Longlife Blue netting range here.

Designed with the professional farmer in mind, Wizard® Contractor wire strainers help you tackle longer fence strains and large strainer posts with less physical effort. Just like their counterpart, the Wizard wire strainers, they can be used to effectively strain wire or attach them to the Wedgelock® clamp to strain pre-fabricated wire.

These are the latest offers on Waratah® fencing products from Farmlands.

These are the latest offers on Waratah® fencing products from PGG Wrightson.




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